Our Family

We met Margaret in 2016 and we’re instant friends. First we adopted Vodka, one of Margaret’s first breeding Siberian’s. She is a absolute princess and her calm and caring nature draws everyone in. Next my son Andrew decided he wanted a Siberian so we were up again in 2017 to adopt Wella. We got to Margaret’s and Wella came over to us. She had just had kittens a few months prior so her main was quite short and she looked kinda 😄
Funny. Andrew loved her sweet but fearless queen attitude and said she was perfect! Let me tell you- 6 months later he main grew in and She looked amazing!

If you are thinking of adding a wonderful Siberian to your family please go with Margaret’s Datcha. If you would like to talk about them in more detail I would be more than happy to tell you more. Just email me at dcarson4@cogeco.net.

We love ❤️ our Girls- and Consider Margaret a wonderful friend.