Happy Homes

Our Family

We met Margaret in 2016 and we’re instant friends. First we adopted Vodka, one of Margaret’s first breeding Siberian’s. She is a absolute princess and her calm and caring nature draws everyone in. Next my son Andrew decided he wanted a Siberian so we were up again in 2017 to adopt Wella. We got to Margaret’s and Wella came over to us. She had just had kittens a few months prior so her main was quite short and she looked kinda 😄
Funny. Andrew loved her sweet but fearless queen attitude and said she was perfect! Let me tell you- 6 months later he main grew in and She looked amazing!

If you are thinking of adding a wonderful Siberian to your family please go with Margaret’s Datcha. If you would like to talk about them in more detail I would be more than happy to tell you more. Just email me at dcarson4@cogeco.net.

We love ❤️ our Girls- and Consider Margaret a wonderful friend.

D. and A. Carson
South Glengarry Ontario

The “M” Litter – Maxim and Matysh

In October, 2016 we flew to Montreal to meet Margaret and adopt Maxim of the “M” litter.

We flew “Marvellous Maxim” from Montreal to Vancouver in a small carrier provided by Margaret with us on board.
Maxim is a very loving boy with beautiful, very soft red and blonde fur. He loves to lick us and has the wettest nose. Given Maxim is such a joy, we adopted his brother Matysh.
Matysh AKA “Little Package” has a very sweet, gentle personality. He is smaller than Maxim with beautiful, long red and blonde fur with a little grey in his tail somewhat like his mother, Vodka. Margaret was instrumental in arranging Matysh’s flight from Montreal to Vancouver. He arrived safe and happy.
The “M & M”’s both follow us around the house, greet us at the door when we arrive and enjoy play time each and every day. Maxim loves to carry his toys to us and around the house. Matysh loves belly rubs . They both sleep on their backs and love to be snuggled. They are very happy, healthy loving boys. They are a wonderful addition to our family.
Margaret is an excellent resource and breeds only healthy Siberians. She has been amazing from our first introduction. Margaret is “Simply the Best”. Thank you Margaret! We wish we could have many, many more.

Sandra S.

Our Datch boy Ollie has

Our Datch boy Ollie has brought so much joy to our lives! He’s fun, playful, cuddly and all around a great cat!

Chantelle M.

We were introduced, by Margaret,

To our amazing Siberian siblings exactly 2 years ago.
I can’t say enough about these beautiful, calming, full of personality and character, healthy, curious cats. Our whole family LOVES our brother and sister pair so much, it’s hard to remember life without them.
Margaret is very particular about matching her purebred, loved and obviously very well cared for cats to their new families. She welcomed us in to meet the cats and made us feel right at home. I haven’t had cats for years because of my allergies, fortunately I don’t react… because we never expected to bring 2 home with us, but we just couldn’t resist.
Turns out they were the perfect match for us and I’m so glad we have them both to keep each other company and play together, as well as groom each other (they are so cute together). Both, Cyber and Pixel have bedtime routines with my kids and couldn’t be more gentle and affectionate… each cat shares snuggles and bedtime stories every night. We would recommend that everyone looking for a Siberian talks to Margaret about this all around perfect breed of cat. I talk about our Siberians so much my daughter’s physiotherapist ended up with her own Datcha Siberian cats of her own.

Angela E.

Mes deux amours de chez Datcha

Mes deux amours de chez Datcha, les meilleurs chats du monde !


My red boy Flavius

Handsome Flavius is a sweet 3 year old who I got from Margaret. He is still a big kitten in his heart, like to talk and demands cuddles and daily brushing.
Margaret is one of the best breeders of Siberians as she really cares of the well being of her cats.

Zuzana V.

Thank you Datcha

I adopted Nestor 1 year ago and we have now both moved into a retirement home in Ste Therese. He is such wonderful company. I have had several cats in the past but Nestor is by far the most lovable.
We both send you our best regards


Marvellous cat

Kitten so well behaved and gets along with our dogs. Highly recommended!

Sigrid W.

Wonderful cat

Thank you Margaret for the cutest kitten in the world!

Eric F