It all began in 2011 when visiting with my son and daughter in Geneva. They had fallen in love with the Siberians and adopted 2 cats each…not because they had cat allergies but because these cats were just so loving and irresistible!… Well I could not resist them either so after doing a lot of research I jumped on a plane to Moscow to buy my first breeding Siberian male.

At home in Canada I already had 2 young Siberian Princesses in waiting. Taiga and Vodka. They welcomed the Russian Prince with enthusiasm and after a first Honeymoon a litter of 4 kittens were born.

DATCHA SIBERIANS got registered with TICA and so were the kittens. The name DATCHA was chosen because it means Log Cabin in Russian…and we do live in a log cabin.

If you are still reading it might be because you are looking for a kitten or maybe just curious about the Siberian breed of cats. I will gladly share my knowledge about cat allergies and general info about how to properly care for a Siberian cat if you contact me. Although my Datcha is located in the lower Laurentians our kittens have been adopted by loving families as far as Oslo, Geneva, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, Cornwall, Lac St Jean, Vermont and NY.
Wishing you a pleasant visit on our website. 🐾👀

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