Allergies and the Siberian Cat

Our kittens have been bred from purebred Siberian Forest Cat parents and especially selected for all the best qualities of this amazing breed.

In regards to allergies, we won’t sell a kitten as being a 100% non-allergenic.Research has proven that the Siberians are the most “hypoallergenic” breed of cats. That does not mean they are non-allergenic.”Hypo” means less and it’s because Siberians produce less of the proteins Feld1 (most likely the cause for allergy-reactions) that the Siberians can be tolerated by most people who are allergic to other breeds.

Testing is always advised. Siberians can be tolerable to most people having allergies even severe reactions to other breeds of cats….but not everyone.

Our Siberians have been carefully selected for their low Feld1 protein and for their friendly temperaments and beauty.

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